Exmoor Facts and Figures


Age of the National Park: 
The National Parks Commission made a Designation Order on 27th January 1954. This set the boundaries for the proposed National Park. There was then time for comments and decision by the then Minister for Housing and Local Government: Harold Macmillan. His Confirmation Order came on 19th October 1954.

Counties covered: Somerset 71%, Devon 29%

Area: 69,280 hectares/171,189 acres/267sq miles

Area owned by Exmoor National Park Authority: 4739 ha
(Inc: land, operational buildings, car parks and  toilets)

Percentage coverage: 7%

Percent in District and County Councils:

65.56 % of West Somerset District Council
18.00 % of North Devon District Council
13.94 % of Somerset County Council
2.98 % of Devon County Council

All of which are within the Exmoor National Park Authority.

Dimensions: East/West - Combe Martin to Monksilver 56 kilometres (35 miles), North/South - Dulverton to Minehead 35 Kilometres (22 miles)

Main settlements: Estimates from Office of National Statistics (mid year) population by parish (2019): Lynton and Lynmouth - 1427; Dulverton - 1375; Porlock - 1350; Dunster 836 Settlements on the National Park boundary such as Combe Martin, Minehead, Carhampton and Old Cleeve have higher populations but most live outside of the defined National Park area.
(when the ONS give the full analysis of recent data we will release that here)

Geology: main rock types : Old and new red sandstones, Devonian slates, shales and limestone

Highest point: Dunkery Beacon 519m (1,704ft)

Length of coast: 55 kilometres (34 miles)

Length of main rivers from source to sea:
Flowing to the English Channel - Exe 86km (54 miles), Barle, via Exe: 86km (54 miles)
Flowing to the Atlantic - Bray, via Taw 62km (39 miles), Mole, via Taw 62km (39 miles)
Flowing to the Bristol Channel - East Lyn/Oare Water/Weir Water 16 km (10 miles), Washford River 14km (9 miles), Avill 13km (8 miles), Homer Water/Chetsford Water: 13km (8 miles), Aller Brook 8km (5 miles), Heddon 8km (5 miles), West Lyn 8km (5 miles), Umber 5km (3 miles)