North Hill in World War 2

Tank training on North Hill

A Learning Resource for KS2/3

North Hill, an area of moorland above Minehead, was used extensively for military training during World War Two. After the war, military training ceased leaving archaeological remains, visible on the ground today including tank training circuits, a tank offloading area, Nissen hut bases and a radar station, forming part of the chain home low (CHL) radar system. 

This teaching resource pack enables schools to learn about how World War Two impacted on Exmoor and the vital role played not only in training allied troops for D-Day but also in coastal defence, employing newly developed RADAR technology. It is designed to support teaching at Key Stage 2, but also suitable for Key Stage 3.

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Background reading and teachers notes

ActivitySubject / Curriculum Area
1. Tank Missions and Top TrumpsScience / Engineering, Geography, History
2. Designing a Tank Training GroundArt & Design, Maths, Geography, History
3. Camouflage DesignArt & Design, Geography
4. Radar Station: A Very Hush Hush BuildingLanguage & Literacy, Creative Writing, History
5. Radar Detection: Creating an Invisible PlaneArt & Design, History, Science