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Habitat Posters.

This set of 6 bespoke posters were created by wildlife artist Richard Allen.  They each focus on a different habitat and the plants and animals that live there and provide some basic information about each habitat.  The posters are

Habitat posters

Coast, Farmland, Rivers, Woodland and Moorland (which all join up to make an impressive classroom display) and our latest ones which cover Rockpools and our boggy upland Mires

We will happily post a set of posters FREE to schools, or they can be picked up from one of our National Park Centres. If you are a school and would like a set then please email

Pocket Guides

Our range of guides provide an accessible introduction to a range of Exmoor topics. You can pick up free print copies from National Park Centres or many other outlets on Exmoor.

Exmoor pocket Guide -  Introduction to Exmoor National Park

Woodland Pocket guide -  Wild woods or industrial  sites -  find out about our woodland heritage.

Rivers and Streams pocket Guide -  Exmoor is a land of Rivers

Dark Skies Pocket Guide -  Find out why Exmoor is Europe's first dark Sky Reserve

Butterfly Pocket Guide -  great id poster of all Exmoor's butterfly species

Moorland Birds Pocket Guide - Illustrations and status of the birds that live on Exmoor's moors.

Loan Boxes

Our handling collections have been developed by the Heart of Exmoor Project and are full of reproduction objects perfect for bringing the past to life. Each box dates from a different period of British prehistory, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. All boxes include:

  • A wicker basket or box that holds all items;
  • Replica objects from the period in question:
    • - Mesolithic items include a deer skin, flint tools, bone tools and hazelnut shells;
    • - Bronze Age items include pottery, flint objects, axe heads, loom weights, horn spoons, beads, animal skins and bone tools;
    • - Iron Age items include clothes, pottery, coins, a beaker, loom weights, iron smelting remains and an iron currency bar;
    • - Extra items are available upon request (including a Bronze Age hafted axe).
  • Resources such as laminated reconstruction drawings and aerial photographs to investigate;
  • An information book describing each item in the box (including how it relates to Exmoor's history) and gives suggested activities.

Additionally, we can help bring the wool industry to life, with drop spindles, carders and raw wool available to borrow. Spindles were used from the Neolithic (first farmers) until the industrial revolution when machines took over.

Anyone can borrow these handling collections – they have been taken to schools, local history talks, workplaces, conferences, family fun days, re-enactment events and more. Loan periods are up to two weeks and the boxes are free to borrow! Contact the Historic Environment Team to book any of the boxes and collect them from our offices at Exmoor House, Dulverton.