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Welcome to the Moorland Classroom

The Moorland Classroom is a specially produced range of resources aimed at supporting teachers to deliver unforgettable learning experiences for children, using the unique moorland environment of Exmoor National Park. This bespoke suite of online learning and teaching materials has been designed for use both in the classroom and to support amazing outdoor learning experiences in some of Exmoor's special places. They are appropriate for Key Stage 1 to lower Key Stage 3, are cross-curricular and entirely free to use.

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"A fantastic resource that will be easy to use across KS2 and KS3"

"Excellent range of materials"

"Resources are great  - can't wait to get out on Exmoor"

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What is Moorland?

Moorland is the name given on Exmoor to areas of open, uncultivated land, often covered with heather, gorse and rough grassland and it is an important resource for us to understand, enjoy, protect and appreciate.

Apart from being a beautiful landscape, moorland is a home for many wild animals and plants from red deer and butterflies to heather and sundew.  The archaeology of our moorlands can tell us about the people who have lived here for thousands of years, and it is still essential to local communities today. Moorlands are the source of many rivers, are important livestock grazing areas and they have a part to play in protecting against climate change, providing a natural carbon store.

These web pages are packed with resources to be used in the classroom, school grounds or - even better - out on Exmoor itself.

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