How to use the Moorland Classroom

How to use this resource

The Moorland Classroom has been created to give teachers all the tools and information they need to provide their students with engaging and enjoyable outdoor learning experiences with clearly defined learning outcomes.

You can see how all these resources help to deliver National Curriculum targets in the document below.

Curriculum Links 

Although these resources are aimed at supporting visits - teachers will find that the resources also provide some great opportunities for interesting class study.

Resources are available for a number of different sites throughout Exmoor National Park. Each site offers a different range of study topics, habitats and fieldwork exercises. In general each site provides the resources for at least 1 full day visit.  We would suggest you take some time browsing the different sites to see which ones would be best for you and your group.

For each site we have created 2 sets of information (these are available on the web page specific for each site). These are designed to be downloaded so that you can have them as a resource to use as you wish.

  • A Learning Enquiry -  This is a word document with learning aims, curriculum links and a whole range of innovative and exciting learning and teaching activities for each site. We suggest that you download this first and have a look at which of these you would like to explore.
  • Resources - This is a zip file that has all the associated images, diagrams, maps, videos and other files that help to support the learning enquiry.

If you have any problems using this resource, or would like someone from our Education Team to get in touch with you to discuss a visit, then please get in touch with us at