Project Resources

One of the great successes of the Project ere the amazing number of creative responses that were captured in a whole range of different media. These include film, exhibitions, poetry, art and oral history. You can explore some of the highlights in this section.

Explore Film -  The project produced lots of film content exploring different aspects of Exmoor's Heritage

Explore Images -  hundred of images were donated to the project by local residents

Explore Exmoor memories - Local people tell us their lives on Exmoor

Explore a map showing where the project worked -  Find out where the Project delivered.

Poetry Books -  Valley of Rocks and Tarr Steps - Read some of the amazing poems inspired by Exmoor's landscape.

3D Models of Lynmouth -  Young photographer Kyle Chivers create these 3d images of building destroyed in the Lynmouth flood of 1954

Exmoor Audio  Map -  Explore Exmoor via these audio guides.

Discover Exmoor App - The project supported development of a mobile app that allows people to explore Exmoor through a range of audio clips and images as well as send a virtual postcard.