Project Themes

Each year the Pavilion Project focused on a different broad theme to help shape our work, these were

Year 1 - Coastal Heritage

With highlights including a Coastal Festival, talks on fishing and training for volunteer rockpooling leaders, the coast was a great place to start the Project.

Year 2 - Woodlands

Teddy Bears picnics, woodland festivals, a film about "The General " - one of Exmoor's oldest trees and a "Working Woodlands" event were just some of the ways that we explored how woodlands are such an important part of Exmoor's heritage.

Year 3  - The History of Exmoor Tourism

Educations resources exploring how Exmoor was at the forefront of the development of tourism, A Victorian Festival and Postcards, Paddlesteamers and Holidays Past, a project collecting people holiday memories.