Funded Projects

Funded projects

Details of projects awarded funding from the Partnership Fund will be provided here, usually within a month of an offer being accepted.

Project Ref

Project name

Project aims

Amount Offered

19-08Exmoor LambTo produce a marketing video for lamb produced on Exmoor. £1000 (up to 38% of total project value)
19-07Ancient Woodland ReviewTo complete a review of the Ancient woodland Inventory within the Devon side of Exmoor, as part of a wider project to reviewing the Inventory for Devon.£2500 (up to 3% of total project value)
19-06Landscape ExperienceTo use theatre and drama to engage young people with the prehistoric Exmoor landscape as a way of reflecting on modern rural concerns.£2160 (up to 70% of total project value)
19-05Wimbleball SailabilityA contribution toward a new sailboat to sustain and widen disability sailing at Wimbleball Lake.£2500 (up to 11% of total project value)
19-04Roadwater Community ShopTo support the development of an Exmoor Information Hub as part of the redevelopment of Roadwater Community Shop.£2500 (up to 1% of total project value)
19-02Poetic celebration of life on Exmoor IITo develop an audio-visual presentation of Exmoor poems and deliver poetry workshops for Exmoor audiences.£2500 (up to 63% of total project value)
18-23Plastic Free ExmoorTo promote the Plastic Free message on Exmoor and establish  Plastic Free Community status for the National Park.£2500 (up to 12% of total project value)
18-22The Exmoor Centre - Wild ExperiencesTo support research and development of new learning experiences at the Exmoor Centre and to widen audiences.£2500 (up to 50% of total project value)
18-16E-bike trailTo support the development of an e-bike trail at Porlock Weir£2500 (up to 16% of total project value)
18-14Porlock Pilot Gig ClubTo support the development of a new pilot gig club at Porlock, enhancing coastal recreational activity£2500 (up to 5% of total project value)
18-12Exmoor PoetryContribution to support the Pasture-fed Livestock Association to commission a poet in residence to create new works exploring farming on Exmoor£2500 (up to 56% of total project value)
18-06Brendon Hill Methodist ChapelTo support building repairs to help conserve this historic building£2500 (up to 50% of total project value)
18-05Lynmouth Western Beach FloodgateContribution to a new flood gate for Western Beach, Lynmouth£2390 (up to 60% of total project value)
18-01Lorna Doone exhibitionTo support an exhibition and activities to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lorna Doone£2500 (up to 12% of total project value)
16-23 Wheddon Cross Public Toilets Contribution to refurbishment and transfer of management £5000 (up to 25% of total project value)
16-21Bog Asphodel ResearchFunding in support of research on the impact of peat restoration on bog asphodel distribution, a potentially toxic plant for cattle and sheep. £1000 (up to 6% of total project value)
16-18Knight Archive cataloguingFunding towards initial cataloguing of a rare collection of Knight Family archive material relating to Exmoor donated in 2016.£1750
16-15Avalon Charcoal and Bio-char 'biscuit breaker'Contribution towards the purchase of a biscuit breaker to develop an animal feed charcoal process from Exmoor timber.£2000 (up to 40% of total project value)
16-12 Young Voices Coordinator Support to establish a more formal Young Voices structure and presence on Exmoor over 3 years. £15000 (up to 23% of total project value)
16-10 Bird Survey Moorland study to assess the impact of game shoots £5500 (transfer of unclaimed grant from earlier project 13-27)
16-09 Lyn Museum To support an appraisal of the Museum and drafting of a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund £1250 (up to 33% of total project value)
16-07 Barbrook Village Hall Contribution to repairs to the historic 'tin tabernacle' at Barbrook £2000 (up to 61% of total project value)
16-06 Riverside Skills Contribution to support the establishment of a green skills training venue. £750
16-03College FarmA grant was made to secure additional time to work with partners to explore future options for the West Somerset college Farm£20000 (up to 50% of total costs)
16-02Pleasuredome Theatre - Valley of Rocks ProductionContribution to the production of Lorna Doone, with local community cast ad professional players.£2500 (up to 17% of total project value)
16-01Exmoor Closewool Pedigree RegisterSupport for the creation of a pedigree register for Devon Closewool Sheep on Exmoor.£2500 (up to 44% of total project value)
15-31XMAN Kids EventTo develop a children's triathlon event showcasing Exmoor's special qualities to engage young audiences with the National Park.£2429 (up to 27% of total project value).
15-30Exmoor Live!A pilot project to showcase Exmoor products and producers at Dunster Show collectively under the Exmoor Brand.£1159 (up to 25% of total project value)
15-18A Future for Exmoors' WhinchatsResearch into Exmoor’s whinchats to better understand fine scale habitat requirements that will ultimately help inform moorland management decisions.£2500 (up to 9% of total project value)
15-22All the Moor ButterfliesTo conserve threatened butterfly and moth species on Exmoor as part of a HLF funded project across Exmoor, Dartmoor & Bodmin Moor; through practical habitat management and public engagement.£15,000 (up to 3% of total project value)
15-23Bridgetown Cricket Pavilion Re-thatchContribution to re-thatch the pavilion at Bridgetown cricket club and help conserve his iconic building as a feature of the local landscape.£2000 (up to 36% of total project value)
15-25Farm Business SurveyTo look at a sample of Exmoor farms to get an analysis of farm income and sources of income.£1000
15-19Understanding Exmoor's Barrows

To review historic collections associated with Exmoor’s barrows in local, regional and national museums to update the Historic Environment Record and identify the potential for more detailed research.

£864 (up to 53% of total project value)
15-21Winsford Archives

To improve the storage, cataloguing and promotion of archive and heritage material for Winsford as a community and visitor resource; and to help develop the Winsford Archive Group of local residents.

£1200 (up to 50% of total project value)
15-15Safeguarding Dulverton Weir To develop the Dulverton Weir Group formally as a Trust and commission conservation and business plans to take on the management of the historic weir and leat and associated heritage buildings in Dulverton.£2500 (up to 18% of total project value)
15-14Two Moors Way To reinvigorate the Two Moors Way celebrating its 40th anniversary through route improvements and co-ordinated promotion of the 100 mile long distance route.£9900 (up to 23% of total project value)
15-08Saving Exmoor's Threatened FritillariesTo complete development work on Exmoor by Butterfly Conservation as part of activities towards a stage 2 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund.£500 (up to 1% of total project value)
15-11Economic Growth ProgrammeTo develop a joint Exmoor/Dartmoor economic rural growth deal proposal.£2500 (up to 25% of total project value)
15-05Exmoor Historic SignpostsThe project aims to record the location and condition of roadside cast iron finger-posts with historic value; developing a strategy to restore them and establish a fund to enable Parish Councils to adopt and restore their signposts.£10,000 (up to 74% of total project value)
15-03Porlock Marsh VisionTo help deliver the long-term 'Vision' for the Marsh and its development, management and use.£46,350 (up to 70% of total project value)
13-27Released pheasants and their impacts on woodland and farmland habitats on ExmoorTo quantify the biodiversity impacts of pheasant releasing on woodland and farmland on Exmoor, and if adverse impacts are identified to devise ways to reduce or eliminate these. Where positive impacts can be identified these will be used to disseminate best practice in the National Park.£16,140 + £5,500 for an independent ecologist managed by ENPA (up to 39% of total project value)


Porlock Shellfish - Deep Water Trails

Following the success of the shallow water trials funding has been approved in support of testing deep water stock management ahead of commercial operations under a Community Interest Company. Deep Water shellfish management is not known in the UK so funding will allow a technique new to the UK to be trialled with potential wider benefits to the shellfish industry.

£15,000 (up to 75% of total project value)

14-22Exmoor soft cultureGrant aid was offered to support the mapping of Exmoor folk-song and folklore and complete a feasibility study for a large heritage project application.£1490 (up to 48% of total project value)


Porlock Shellfish - additional funding

As per original project: re-establish a Porlock heritage industry, help protect and bring life to the historic harbour environment, increase local food production and bring economic and employment benefits (aim of the wider project).  This request is to help bridge an anticipated 2-3 month gap in funding from the trial to setting up an operating Social Enterprise.

£2,000 (up to 50% of total project value)

 14-18 Guildhall Heritage and Arts Centre, DulvertonGrant support towards a new exhibition at the Guildhall Heritage and Arts Centre and reorganisation of displays to provide an enhanced offer to visitors. £1,935 (up to 16% of total project value)


Dunster Castle Watermill

Grant offer in support of the restoration of the second waterwheel at Dunster Mill.


14-13Invasive Crayfish controlTo trial a new method of controlling invasive crayfish in Exmoor's rivers.£12,600 (up to 30% of total project value)


Exmoor Coast Festival 2015-16

Grant support to fund co-ordination of events for 2015 and 2016 and help to establish a regular Coast Festival for Exmoor.

£2,500 (up to 50% of total project value)


Porlock Hill Climb Event

Grant support to help establish Porlock Hill Climb cycling event.  Entries will provide a donation to CareMoor for Exmoor from 2015.

£2,391.60 (up to a maximum of 28.5% of total project value)