Delivering Your project

The attached guidance provides some advice to help you deliver your project successfully. Please feel free to contact us at anytime during your project for further support and help.

Conditions of Funding Support

You should receive a copy of the standard conditions with your offer letter. You can view these online here.

Please also note any specific conditions attached to your project detailed in your offer letter.

Project Delivery

Once you have signed and returned your offer letter you are ready to start your project. You will have your own project plan, however you may also wish to read the Partnership Fund Project Delivery Guidance for advice on delivering your project in line with The Fund, and for making claims and reporting progress.


You can make claims against your offer at any point during your project. For details of the claims process please refer to the Project Delivery Guidance. You can access the claim form here.

Project Progress

It is helpful to us, and to you, if you can keep us informed about project progress, especially when making a claim. You can access a project progress reporting form here.


We ask all our projects to provide us with an evaluation of their project, however small. This doesn't need to be long-winded, we just need to know where your project has made a difference and how you can measure the benefits accrued from your work. You can find evaluation guidance here. Good evaluation allows us to promote the good news about your project. Publicity

Your grant offer will include a standard condition to keep us informed of any publicity for your project, including press releases. We ask that you include reference to the funding received from the Partnership Fund, and make use of the Partnership Fund logo on all publicity material and communications with the press and media.

Please forward press releases and similar material to our External Relations Manager so we can help publicise your project, and ensure relevant details are promoted through Exmoor National Park Authority publications, including Exmoor Visitor and our website.