Information for Farmers and Land Managers

Working towards a thriving and living landscape

Farmers and land managers are vital to ensuring Exmoor's distinct and diverse landscape is maintained and enhanced. Find information and support for managing land, farms and woodlands.

Controlled Burning

Burning or ‘swaling’ is a traditional form of management, which has been carried out for thousands of years to encourage regeneration of vegetation. It is carried out by moor keepers between the Autumn and Spring when sections are burned carefully on a rotational cycle.

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Public Access

Guidance for land owners on their responsibilities for maintaining public access on their land including boundaries, livestock, overgrowth and disease.

Woodland Rules and Regulations

Exmoor National Park Authority can help with providing advice on managing trees and woodlands, explaining the regulations involved with felling and maintaining trees.

Tree Pests and Diseases

Information on pests and diseases that affect Exmoor's woodlands including ash dieback and the Great Spruce Bark Beetle.