Public Access for Farmers and Land Managers

Gate and Boundaries

Boundaries Crossing Public Paths

We can help to ensure that gates are well fitted, easy to use and properly signed to encourage all users to access paths appropriately.

Combine Harvester

Ploughing and Cropping

Even though ploughing over public rights of way is sometimes necessary, the law is very specific on how this happens.

Cow in Grass

Livestock and Animals

Livestock farming is a vital part of Exmoor's economy, careful management can improve public safety and reduce liability for farmers.


Fences Alongside Paths

If you require a temporary fence alongside a public right of way please make sure that a safe path of appropriate width is allowed.

Track Surface

Surface Works

In many cases, some form of prior authorisation is required by law for changes to the surface of a public right of way.

Beech Tree Hedge

Hedges, Overgrowth and Trees

Landowners are responsible for ensuring that trees alongside a public right of way do not constitute a hazard to users of the path.

Exmoor Horn Sheep

Diseases and Public Access

If you are concerned about public access in relation to disease, please contact a Ranger to discuss how we may be able to help.

Silage Stack

Obstruction and Encroachment

Remember, the law does not allow you to block a public right of way for land management reasons on an informal basis.

We are here to help

If you have any other questions or concerns about Public Rights of Way or the other work of the National Park Authority please get in touch with our Rangers, or contact our Main Office:

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