Boundaries Crossing Public Paths

Elsworthy Furniture

If you require a new boundary which will need to cross a public path, please contact a Ranger to discuss your needs and request an application form.  The law requires new structures on public paths to be authorised prior to installation and it only allows authorisation in certain circumstances.  If your land is agricultural and you require the new boundary/structure for animal control purposes, it is very likely that this will be authorised.  Structures remain the responsibility of the landowner but the Authority usually installs, repairs and replaces structures as a 100% contribution to the landowner's costs.

Temporary boundaries

If you require a temporary boundary such as an electric fence, the same legislation applies as mentioned above.  As such, it is best to discuss your needs with a Ranger and depending on the length of time for which the fence is required it may be worth installing a gate.  Where the fence will only be in place for a very short time, a hook and handle style opening in the fence may be appropriate.  In all cases any electric tape/wire should be insulated either side of and across the structure or opening and the uninsulated tape/wire should be labelled as electrified.