Ploughing and Cropping

Combine at Porlock Marsh

Ploughing over public rights of way is sometimes necessary but the law is very specific on this issue.
When ploughing or growing crops over a public right of way, please keep the line of the path clearly visible and easy to use by marking it out, and by levelling the route within 14 days of ploughing.

Footpaths and bridleways can be ploughed but restricted byways or byways open to all traffic should not be ploughed and a public path should not be ploughed if it runs along the edge of a field.
The minimum widths below apply to paths unless there is a specific width held on record with the County Council.

If you have any queries about ploughing or cropping, or if you require additional time to reinstate a path, please contact a Ranger for assistance.

Minimum Widths: 

 Cross-Field PathsField-Edge Paths
Footpath1 Metre1.5 Metres
Bridleway2 Metres3 Metres
Restricted Byway/BOAT3 Metres3 Metres