Tourism Research

  • How many people visit the National Park?
  • How much is tourism worth to the local economy?
  • What attracts people to the area?
  • What activities do visitors undertake?
  • Where do visitors come from?
  • What are the views of local tourism businesses?

The answer to all of these questions, and more, are contained within the Exmoor National Park State of Tourism Reports. These seek to collate the various pieces of visitor and tourism related research conducted within the area.

The first full report was published in 2008 and this is updated annually with new data where this is available. The annual updates are best viewed as supplements to the full report as not all surveys are completed annually.

STEAM 2009 - 2017 Volume and value of tourism
Exmoor National Park (PDF) Data cut to he boundary of the National Park

Greater Exmoor influence area (PDF) Data cut to include the National Park + staying visitor date for all parishes within 10 miles.

STEAM approaches the measurement of tourism at the local level from the supply side, which has the benefit of immediacy and relative inexpensiveness and is not designed to provide a precise and accurate measurement of tourism in a local area, but rather to provide an indicative base for monitoring trends. STEAM reports are produced on behalf of Exmoor National Park Authority by GTS (UK) Ltd. An overview of the STEAM model can be found here (PDF).

Further Information

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