Requirements for the Submission of Planning and Other Applications

Requirements for the Submission of Planning and Other Applications

1.0 Introduction (PDF, 12KB)

2.0 Standard Application Form (PDF, 22KB)

3.0 National Requirements (PDF, 19KB)

4.0 Information requirements for applications for full planning permissions (PDF, 14KB)

4.1 Location plan

4.2 Site plan

4.3 Ownership Certificate

4.4 Notice(s)

4.5 Agricultural Holdings Certificate

4.6 The correct fee (where one is necessary)

4.7 Design and Access Statement (where required)

5.0 The Local Lists of Plan Requirements (PDF, 19KB)

6.0 The Local Lists of Information Requirements (PDF, 9KB)

7.0 Table of Local List Requirements by Application Type (PDF, 17KB)

8.0 Local List of Pre-Registration Requirements

8.1 Affordable Housing Statement (PDF, 181KB)

8.2 Agricultural Justification Statement (PDF, 8KB)

8.3 Wildlife Survey and Report (PDF, 55KB)

8.4 Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) (PDF, 73KB)

8.5 Foul Sewage and Surface Water (Sustainable Drainage Systems) Assessment (PDF, 14KB)

8.6 Heritage Statement (PDF, 17KB)

8.7 Landscaping Details (PDF, 9KB)

8.8 Lighting Assessment (PDF, 12KB)

8.9 Photographs (PDF, 8KB) Guidance on Photographs

8.10 Planning Statement (PDF, 33KB)

8.11 Excavated Material Assessment (PDF, 105KB)

8.12 Structural Survey (PDF, 249KB)

8.13 Sustainability and Renewable Energy Statement (PDF, 8KB)

8.14 Tree Survey and Impact Assessment (PDF, 40KB)

8.15 Ventilation / Extraction Statement (PDF, 8KB)

8.16 Applications for a Lawful Development for an Existing use or operation or activity including these in breach of a Planning Condition (PDF, 12KB)

8.17 Non Material Amendment Applications (PDF, 8KB)

8.18 Minor Material Amendment Applications (PDF, 8KB)

8.19 Application made under a planning condition. (PDF, 7KB)

Appendix 1 Environment Agency Guidance on Flood Risk Assessment. (PDF, 111KB)

Appendix 2 Application Fees