Discharge of Planning Conditions

The discharge of a planning condition involves a formal application process where details relating to an approved development can be considered and a decision made on their acceptability.

It is important to read the decision notice in full before any work begins.

Information about fees:

£34 for all householder development (extensions to dwellings, outbuildings)

£116 for all other types of development

Fees apply for the application for approval of details reserved by condition which can be submitted on the planning portal, or by calling 01398 323665

Where an application is submitted to simultaneously discharge several conditions, only one fee is required.

There is no fee for applying to discharge listed building consent conditions unless there are associated planning permission conditions which attract fees as described above.

We may refuse your application if it is submitted with incomplete information and you will have to apply and pay a fee again.

How long does it take?

It is important to note that this process takes up to eight weeks from the date the office receives a valid application.

The process cannot be fast-tracked or prioritised so it is important to plan ahead for your start date, or for when your current permission is due to expire.