Planning Performance Agreement

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is a collaborative project management tool to assist with the processing of a planning application. A PPA does not commit the Planning Authority to a particular outcome but to an agreed process and timetable for determining the application. 

The Charter sets out the responsibilities and explains the types of application that may be applicable for a PPA. Planning officers are happy to discuss whether a proposal would be suitable in each case. 

Also available to view is the draft PPA Agreement which forms the basis of the processing of the application. 

At the present time there is no standard fee for the signing of a PPA, however, it may be necessary for a developer to cover the costs of any additional independent reports or work, for instance concerning housing viability, which may be necessary for the determination of certain types of application. The Authority will review from time to time whether there is a need to make a standard fee for the work associated with a PPA.