Rural Workers' Dwellings

Policy H8 of the Exmoor National Park Local Plan sets out the policy approach for the consideration of Rural Workers’ Dwellings. The application of this policy was based on implementing the guidance in Annex A of PPS7. The National Planning Policy Framework which was adopted in March 2012 and has substantially reduced the central guidance that supplemented the application of Local Plan policies. Guidance on the detail of how to deal with Rural Workers’ Dwellings has therefore been lost.

The Exmoor Local Plan is presently under review, however, in the meantime to assist with the consideration of rural workers’ dwellings the Authority has resolved that it will apply the approaches set out in Annex A of PPS7 when considering such applications. This will ensure a consistent and well established approach is maintained.

The Committee Report where this matter was agreed together with the guidance can be found here

These types of application always require pre-application discussions and we are happy to advise if you wish to contact the Planning Section at Exmoor House.