Conservation Areas (planning)

Exmoor National Park has 17 Conservation Areas. These are areas designated for their 'special architectural and historic interest.'

Within conservation areas, certain additional planning controls apply, although generally these are very similar to those that apply across the whole of the National Park.  You will need to apply for planning permission for demolition and give notice of works to trees.

Please see this link to planning portal

with regard to demolition advice and for trees please see this link 

It is best practice to undertake regular Appraisals of Conservation Areas. The Appraisal highlights the key character of the area and sets out actions that may be required to maintain and enhance these areas.

The Conservation Area Appraisals for the 17 Exmoor Conservation Areas can be viewed below (the Exmoor Farmsteads document covers 4 separate Conservation Areas).

Conservation areaCurrent Status of AppraisalInteractive Map
AllerfordAllerford  Adopted 2017Allerford Map
BossingtonBossington Adopted 2019Bossington Map
DulvertonDulverton Adopted 2019Dulverton Map
DunsterDunster Adopted 2018Dunster Map
Exmoor FarmsteadsExmoor Farmsteads Adopted 2018Colton FarmLeigh Barton, Lower East LynRansacombe Farm
LuccombeLuccombe Adopted 2018Luccombe Map
LynmouthLynmouth Adopted 2018Lynmouth Map
LyntonLynton Adopted 2019Lynton Map
ParracombeParracombe Adopted 2019Parracombe Map
PorlockPorlock Adopted 2022Porlock Map
Porlock WeirPorlock Weir Adopted 2022Porlock Weir Map
SelworthySelworthy Adopted 2017Selworthy Map
WinsfordWinsford Adopted 2023Winsford Map
Wootton CourtenayWootton Courtenay Adopted 2018Wootton Courtenay Map

You can view all the Conservation Areas on this Interactive map