Main Modifications Consultation

Exmoor National Park Local Plan 2011-2031

Consultation on Main Modifications and Consultation on Proposed Changes to Section 6 of the Local Plan - CONSULTATION CLOSED

The Exmoor National Park Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on 6th May 2016. Mr Roger Clews BA MSc DipEd DipTP MRTPI was appointed as the Planning Inspector to undertake the Examination and public hearings were held at Exmoor House between 12th and 15th July 2016.

Through the Examination, several policies and supporting text in the Local Plan have been identified where a Main Modification is required to address concerns identified by the Inspector or other representations to the Plan, or to reflect changes to national planning policy.

As a result of new evidence relating to projected housing need, further changes to Section 6 of the Local Plan “Achieving a Thriving Community” are also proposed. As these particular changes to the Plan, have not been the subject of previous consultation or discussion at the hearing sessions held in July, a separate consultation is required.

A Schedule of Main Modifications to the Local Plan and a Schedule of Proposed Changes to Section 6 of the Local Plan, together with Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment, will be published for public consultation between Friday 13th January and 4pm on Friday 24th February 2017. At this stage of the Examination process comments can only be made on the Main Modifications and this is not an opportunity to make or re-state previous comments on other aspects or contents of the Plan.

Representation Forms are available to download below to enable you to provide further details on the consultation and how you can view and respond to the documents. Representations should ONLY refer to Main Modifications or Proposed Changes to Section 6 of the Local Plan.

Representations should be sent to the Authority and copies will be forwarded to the Programme Officer. The Inspector will then consider all of the representations and determine whether any further steps are required before concluding his report. As is normal practice, the Inspector expects that all issues arising from the consultation on the Main Modifications should be capable of being considered through the written representations procedure. However, as the Proposed Changes to Section 6 of the Local Plan have not previously been subject to consultation or scrutiny at the hearing sessions, the Inspector may decide that it is necessary to hold a further hearing session to clarify and resolve any issues relating to these proposed changes.



Covering Letter - Notification DocumentPDF 301KB
Schedule of Main Modifications PDF 833KB
Representations Form - Main ModificationsWord 53KB
Schedule of Proposed Changes to Section 6PDF 440KB
Representations Form - Proposed Changes to Section 6Word 54KB
Sustainability Appraisal - Non-Technical Summary PDF 414KB
Sustainability AppraisalPDF 2570KB
Habitats Regulations Assessment AddendumPDF 758KB



The Authority has prepared a Schedule of Additional Modifications to deal with more minor matters which do not materially affect policies set out in the Plan, many of which are to improve the clarity of the document or update factual information. This document is available for information, but does not form part of the consultation. Similarly a 'tracked changes' version of the Local Plan provides the full range of main and additional modifications together with the proposed changes to Section 6. Representations should not refer to either of these documents - only to those documents listed in the table above.

Schedule of Additional Modifications (excluding maps in Appendix 5) PDF 3359KB
Schedule of Additional Modifications (Appendix 5 Maps)PDF 16041kB
Tracked Changes Version of the Publication Draft Local Plan showing Main Modifications, Proposed Changes to Section 6 and Additional Modifications (excluding Policies Map and Inset Maps)PDF 9653KB
The Publication Draft Local Plan and Policies Maps, as submitted to the Secretary of State on 6th May 2016, can be accessed via the Examination Library (SD1)