Local Plan 5-Year Review Survey

Exmoor National Park Authority is seeking views on the Local Plan as part of the 5-year Local Plan Review process. Please complete the survey, which will run until 28th February 2022.

All Local Planning Authorities are legally required to undertake a review of their Local Plans to assess whether they need updating. The Exmoor National Park Local Plan was adopted in July 2017, and the 5-year review therefore needs to be completed by July 2022. Exmoor National Park Authority is currently reviewing the Plan to establish whether it remains effective and if any changes are needed. This does not automatically mean a full or partial review of the Local Plan needs to be carried out.

Process to Date

To date work by officers has included analysis of changes to national planning policy, appeals, updated evidence including on local affordable housing need and the economy.

Three interim topic papers and a summary report have been prepared to present the evidence collated and a detailed analysis:

Evidence taken account of and referred to in the topic papers includes:

Local Plan 5-Year Review Stakeholder Workshop

A stakeholder workshop was held on 2 December 2021 attended by nearly 40 participants who were allocated into three groups each taking part in discussions on the three topics of housing and community, environment and economy.

Local Plan 5-Year Review Survey

Link to survey:

This PDF is being provided so that the content of the survey can be viewed in full prior to being completed via the online link above. Completion of the survey online is preferable, however where this is not possible, responses on paper will also be accepted’.

What happens next

Responses to the survey will be considered by officers and reported to Authority members. Some areas of analysis are also still needed. Once these steps have been completed, Officers will update and finalise the Topic Papers including conclusions on the review and recommendations. The outcomes of the review and the recommendations will be presented to the Authority in the Spring.

If changes are required to the Local Plan, the Authority can review specific policies on an individual basis, and may publish a list of which policies they will update and which policies they consider do not need updating.  Updates to the plan or certain policies within it would need to follow the plan-making procedure, including preparation, publication, and examination by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State. If the review concludes that changes are not needed to the Local Plan, the Authority must publish the reasons for this decision within 5 years of the adoption date of the plan (July 2022).