Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5-Year Review

All Local Planning Authorities are legally required to undertake a review of their Local Plans to assess whether they need updating. The Exmoor National Park Local Plan was adopted in July 2017 and the 5-year review therefore needs to be completed by July 2022. Exmoor National Park Authority has reviewed the Local Plan to establish whether evidence suggests that a partial or complete review of the Local Plan is needed or whether the plan and policies remain effective and no review is needed at the current time.

In accordance with Regulation 10A of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, notice is hereby given that Exmoor National Park Authority has made a formal decision on the Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5-Year Review – the decision notice can be found here.

Review process

The review process has included a review of national policy, updating evidence including on local housing need, an assessment of monitoring and appeals performance and discussions with Duty to Co-operate partners

The review is summarised in the Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5-Year Review Summary Report and three accompanying Topic Papers, on the Environment, Housing and Community, and Economy.

Summary Report May 2022

Environment Topic Paper May 2022

Housing and Community Topic Paper May 2022

Economy Topic Paper May 2022


Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5 Year Review National Policy Checklist

Exmoor National Park Within Somerset West & Taunton: Local Housing Needs Assessment 2021

South Somerset and Somerset West & Taunton Councils: Local Housing Needs Assessment 2020 Report of Findings August 2021

Rural Enterprise Exmoor evidence and vision

Exmoor National Park Authority Monitoring Report 2019-21 Interim Summary  

Appeal Decisions in Exmoor National Park July 2017 - March 2022

Exmoor National Park Planning and Enforcement Allowed Appeals 2017-2022

Statements of Common Ground Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5 Year Review May 2022

North Devon District Council

Somerset West and Taunton Council

Devon County Council

Local Plan 5-Year Review Stakeholder Workshop

A Stakeholder Workshop, attended by nearly 40 participants, was held on 2nd December 2021 to discuss the interim conclusions of the review. Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5 Year Review Stakeholder Workshop Summary December 2021

An online survey also gathered views from 11th January until 28th February 2022. Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5 Year Review Survey Responses Schedule

Exmoor National Park Local PLan 5-Year Review Additional Comments Addendum

Second Addendum

A summary of the key matters considered  is available here: Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5 Year Review PAS Local Plan Review Assessment May 2022

What happens next?

The outcomes of the review and recommendations will be presented at an Authority meeting on 14th June 2022. The decision on whether Adopted Exmoor National Park Local Plan 2011-31 policies need to be reviewed will be made and published with reasons by the Authority on the ENPA website before 5th July 2022.

Previous stages

Previous stages of the Exmoor National Park Local Plan 5-Year review included the preparation of three interim topic papers and a summary report. They were made available before the Stakeholder Workshop. The updated May 2022 report and topic papers are available above.

Local Plan 5-Year Review Survey

An online survey was made available between 11th January to 29th February 2022. A PDF version was also made available The survey is now closed.