Rural Worker and Succession Farm Dwellings Guidance Consultation Findings

A Representation Statement has been produced which explains how the consultation has been carried out at key stages in the preparation of the Rural Worker and Succession Farm Worker Dwellings Guidance and addresses the following:

  • Illustrates the organisations and individuals who were invited to make representations,
  • Shows how they were invited to make representations,
  • Summarises the main issues raised as a result of the consultation, and
  • Shows how those main issues have been addressed in the Rural Worker and Succession Farm Worker Dwellings SPD.

This Statement and the amended draft final Rural Worker and Succession Farm Worker Dwellings Guidance are published for public consultation from Wednesday 23 October until Wednesday 20th November.

The guidance is due to be finalised in November and will be widely publicised once adopted.

The draft Guidance intends to assist those who are seeking to provide a rural worker or succession farm worker’s dwelling. It therefore sets out detailed guidance on the practical aspects of making planning applications for new homes for those working in land based businesses in the National Park. Adopted Local Plan policies require such development to meet certain tests and the draft guidance explains in more detail how these issues should be addressed. It also explains size requirements and provides advice on location, siting and design considerations. The document is intended to be formally adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document to enable greater weight to be given to it when deciding relevant planning applications.

Copies of the documents are available at Exmoor House in Dulverton during office hours, and are available for download below. The response form is also available to view and download to enable you to provide comments. If you need more space then further forms can be printed or photocopied or additional sheets appended. Please do not provide any comments that have been made previously as these have already been considered.