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Your Wildlife Sightings

5th July Silver washed fritillary butterfly East Lyn river 

5th July Seal and Jelly fish (lots) Lynmouth  

2nd July Pod of 8 - 12 Dolphins off of Valley of Rocks 

29th June Spotted Woodpecker Barbrook 

28th June Woodwarbler, spotted flycatcher & pied flycatcher  Summerhouse Hill 

25th June Red deer at Foreland Point Countisbury 

17th June Seals and a bown hare at Woody Bay

13th June Peregrin,Woodpecker at Sunny Lyn Lynbridge 

8th June Painted Lady butterfly and Hummingbird moth

3rd June Peregrine Valley of Rocks 

20th May Red start and Fly catcher Valley of Rocks 

16th May Cuckoo At Winsford Hill 

5th May Seal between Lynmouth harbour and old bathing pool

5th May Early Purple orchids at Whitecross Exford

  Email Us, with your Exmoor wildlife sightings or photos, telling us what you saw, an approximate location and the date your saw it.rd

Welcome to Exmoor National Park

Situated in the south west of Britain, Exmoor National Park contains an amazing variety of landscapes within its 267 square miles (692 square kilometers). A unique landscape of moorland, woodland, valleys and farmland, shaped by people and nature over thousands of years. Where high cliffs plunge into the Bristol Channel, and cosy pubs and tearooms offer delicious local produce.

Exmoor’s Biodiversity

  • Hornet Robber Fly
    Asilus crabroniformis is one of the largest British Flies. It has a bright yellow abdomen and needs areas of grazed pasture such as the parkland around Dunster to thrive, as animal dung plays an important part in its life cycle. More on this species from the Natural History Museum website

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Places of Interest

  • Doone Country
    The area centred around Badgworthy Water is famed as home of the legendary Doones, a family of seventeenth-century outlaws. Legend placed the Doones in the deserted medieval settlement in Hoccombe Combe, a tributary of Badgworthy. The valley of Blackmore's famous novel Lorna Doone, however, more closely resembled Lank Combe, another tributary. Badgworthy Water marks the boundary between Devon and Somerset and runs through beautiful heathland and an ancient woodland of crooked oaks. One mile along a riverside walk from Malmsmead is the tiny church at Oare where Lorna Doone married Jan Ridd, the hero of the novel.
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