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Your Wildlife Sighting

11 March 2015 Heron and Wren Watersmeet Valley

9 March 2015 Red Deer Barbrook

14 February 2015 Heron Watersmeet Valley Lynmouth

12 February 2015 Tree creeper and Goldcrest Barbrook

12 February 2015 Firecrest  Barbrook

8 February 2015 Kingfisher Lynmouth Harbour and Groynes

1 February 2015 2 Foxes Summerhouse, Lynton

18th January 2015 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Barbrook

16th January 2015 Little Owl Combe Martin

6th January 2015 Willow Tit Barbrook

2nd January Kingfisher / Dipper / Shag East Lyn

2nd January 2015 Heron Watersmeet


  Email Us, with your Exmoor wildlife sightings or photos, telling us what you saw, an approximate location and the date your saw it.rd

Welcome to Exmoor National Park

Situated in the south west of Britain, Exmoor National Park contains an amazing variety of landscapes within its 267 square miles (692 square kilometers). A unique landscape of moorland, woodland, valleys and farmland, shaped by people and nature over thousands of years. Where high cliffs plunge into the Bristol Channel, and cosy pubs and tearooms offer delicious local produce.



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Exmoor’s Biodiversity

  • Ballerina Waxcap
    Waxcaps are a family of fungi that tend to be found in grasslands that have had little agricultural improvement, a declining habitat. Exmoor is important for a number of species including the Ballerina Waxcap Hygrocybe calyptraeformis shown here. Look out for them from late summer to early winter. More on this species from ARKIVE

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Places of Interest

  • Lee Bay
    A small, rocky and sheltered bathing beach, popular with visitors to Lynton and Lynmouth. It is part of the Lee Abbey estate and there is a charge for the toll road and car park. There are toilets, a tea garden in season and an unusual chapel in a former lime kiln.

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