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Eat Exmoor

Look out in local shops for the produced in Exmoor branding highlighting the provenance of goods from within and around the National Park, making it easier to identify local produce.

Exmoor offers some fantastic local produce and buying locally benefits us all. Exmoor National Park Authority, Visit Exmoor and partners are working together to support local producers and promote the fine produce grown or processed within the Greater Exmoor area.

If you are a local producer, retailer or hospitality provider further information and support is available here.

Why buy locally on Exmoor?

  1. Support Rural Communities – Spending locally helps keep rural communities thriving and full of life. For every £1 spent, it’s estimated over 60p is returned to the local area.
  2. Better for Nature – Many of our producers are small scale farmers championing low-impact approaches that work with, not against, nature. You’ll find grass-fed beef and lamb, organic fruit and vegetables, handmade jams and chutneys and deliciously sweet local honey among the among the many delicacies available to try.
  3. Less Food-Miles – The fewer miles our food travels to get to our plate, the smaller the carbon footprint.  That means less packaging too, as it’s not needed to protect and keep food fresh.
  4. Good for your Health – Local food is more likely to be seasonal, making it fresher, tastier and more nutritious.
  5. It’s Unique and Distinctive – Experience a local delicacy within the beautiful surroundings that inspired it.

Where to Buy Local

To find local ingredients to use at home or to make your own Exmoor Hamper (PDF), you can visit some of our local shops or buy direct from the producers themselves.

For full listings visit our online directory where you can filter to find local producers, retailers or hospitality providers.

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