Final Accounts Committee

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The Final Accounts Committee comprises at least 5 Members of the Authority (with a maximum of 11), of whom at least one shall be a local authority Member and at least one shall be a Member appointed to the Authority by the Secretary of State.  The Members shall be the Chairperson of the Authority (who shall preside at meetings) and the Deputy Chairperson of the Authority and at least 3 Members chosen by the Authority.


Miss  Andrea Davis

Deputy Chairperson

Mr Robin Milton

Further details about our Members can be found here

Public Speaking

There is public question time when the Chairperson will allow members of the public two minutes each in which to ask questions, make statements, or present a petition relating to any item on the agenda for that meeting. For further details, or if you wish to speak at a meeting or to submit a question to be read out, please contact Corporate Support, by email, in writing or by telephone by 4pm on the working day before the meeting, indicating a brief summary of the matter you wish to raise.  Email: 01398 323665

Audio and Video Recording

Audio and Video Recording Disclaimer: The Authority takes no responsibility for views expressed by members of the public during recorded public meetings. Views expressed by individual Authority Members are not necessarily those of the Authority itself.   Recordings or any part thereof may be removed from the Authority’s website at any time by the Chief Executive or Monitoring Officer if he/she considers that all or part of the content is, or is likely to be, in breach of any statutory provision or common law doctrine. Examples include breaches of Data Protection, Equality and Human Rights legislation or provisions relating to confidential or exempt information.

If you have any difficulty accessing the audio/video recording, please contact Corporate Support via email or 01398 323665

You can find all of the Planning Committee video recordings from April 2024 to Current here -  Link to  Video Recordings on YouTube

Papers for Final Accounts Committee Meetings