Local Plan

Exmoor National Park Authority formally adopted the Exmoor National Park Local Plan to 2031 on 4th July 2017. Now adopted, the Plan is the statutory development plan and forms the basis for decisions on land use planning affecting Exmoor National Park.

The Local Plan is also available to download in smaller sections (PDF) as follows:

You can also access the policies map online which provides the opportunity to zoom into individual properties and turn various features on or off. Link to the Online Policies Map

Local Plan Review

5-year review of the Exmoor National Park Local Plan

Plan Preparation

The Authority received the Inspector's Report on 15th June 2017. The report concluded that the Local Plan was 'sound' subject to a number of Main Modifications suggested by the Authority. It also set out the Inspector's findings on matters which were discussed during the examination hearing sessions held in July 2016.

Inspector's Report (including the schedule of main modifications).

Following receipt of the Inspector's Report the Authority formally adopted the Local Plan in July 2017.

Further details relating to the examination process are available on the Local Plan Examination page and the Local Plan Examination Library page