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stars over wimbleball - Keith Trueman

Image: Keith Trueman

Where and When to Go Stargazing

To help you get the most from Exmoor's dark skies we have produced a free pocket guide - Download the Pocket Guide (PDF) or pick up a copy from one of our National Park Centres. Some particularly good spots for family stargazing are::

When is a good time or weather for stargazing? You'll see the most stars on a clear and moonless night - Check out the Exmoor Weather forecast from the Met Office here and for general stargazing advice, moon phases, astronomical events and advice on equipment visit

An Astronomer's Guide to Exmoor National Park

This free downloadable astronomy pack has been written by astronomer and European Space Agency Ambassador Jo Richardson and is designed to show the reader why Exmoor is one of the best places in the UK for stargazing. It also contains tips on locations for lunar, constellation, deep sky and  Summer Milky Way observations including notes on parking, equipment set-up and facilities. There's also a picture gallery giving examples of what wonders have been captured by local astro-photographers. Download the Astronomer's Guide (PDF).

More info

Seasoned astronomer Seb Jay has written a specific guide to Exmoor's Dark Skies, available from our National Park Centres and online too. You can also find star charts, and other stargazing guides at our centres, as well as telescope hire.

Take a look at the Go Stargazing website for lots of advice, information and resources to help you get the most from your stargazing experience.

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