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How to do business with Exmoor National Park Authority 


It is recognised that the work carried out by the Authority has a significant impact on the environment, the economy and our communities.  It is vital that our work is delivered to a high standard and that we contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society.  Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, works and services from suppliers and contractors on behalf of the Authority and the local community. ENPA seeks a diversity of supply solutions from all enterprise sectors.  We would particularly encourage business engagement with under-represented commercial organisations. The Authority will always seek to achieve the best value for money in all of its procurement activities.

Becoming a Supplier or Contractor

In order to become a supplier or contractor to the Authority you may be required to submit information on your company usually in the form of a pre-tender questionnaire or as part of an Invitation to Tender process. The type of information required may include all or some of the following:

*Basic company details;
*Financial information, including accounts;
*Details of insurance cover;
*Health and Safety practices;
*Business and management structure;
*Resources and staff training;
*Environmental issues;
*Equality policies;

Contract Opportunities

Subject to the value of the Contract or Tender ENPA will advertise its own contracts on its website, in local newspapers and/or in related trade journals. In addition, contracts over the EU threshold will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Current Contracts and Tenders

ENPA also works in partnership the Devon Procurement Partnership and other agencies.

Contract Standing Orders

The objective of these instructions is to ensure that the Authority's procurement procedures are robust and effective while remaining transparent and in accordance with recognised good practice. The issue of any purchase order and the award of any tender shall at all times be subject to these Instructions, together with the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Financial Procedures of the Authority.  Contract Standing Orders

Contract Terms & Conditions

Contract Terms & Conditions are used with each and every contract to ensure that suppliers and the Authority are aware of their obligations within the contract agreement.

How we pay our suppliers

The Authority makes payment by BACS, Cheque, or credit card. The contract management process will specify and regulate the payment process. The use of BACS ensures that the payment goes directly into the contractors / suppliers bank account. BACS is the Authority's preferred method and this can be linked to a facility to receive remittance advices by email. Payment terms are normally set out in the contract documents. They may be stage payments, annual / quarterly / monthly payments, payment on completion, or payment per purchase order.

Payment is made within 30 days of receipt of a correct invoice, unless otherwise agreed. Payment within 7 to 10 days is possible in certain circumstances.

To ensure that your payment is dealt with efficiently and to avoid delays, please ensure that you:

*submit the invoice in the format agreed in the contract;

*quote the order number and / or contract title (order numbers must be obtained in advance);

*address it to the correct officer and location;

*ensure that it is mathematically correct;

*include as much information as possible about what the payment is for;

*only include requests for payment of supplied goods or services.

Any current Contracts and tenders will show below