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Our Vision:

Our vision for Exmoor’s future economy has been developed following extensive research and consultation with businesses, communities, and stakeholders.

The overall aspiration is for Exmoor to have:

An economy building community wealth, sitting lightly in its environment and creating opportunities from its special qualities.

It’s a vision about creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, for people to thrive and for the environment to recover. It identifies two major factors which are driving change both in the economy and wider society and which demand a response – an increasingly green agenda as a result of the climate and nature emergencies and a more technologically driven digital world.

In order to achieve the vision a number of priorities, propositions and proposals have been identified. The Rural Enterprise Exmoor Partnership will be pursuing opportunities to fulfil the vision and the opportunities identified.

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Unpacking the vision:

  • An economy building community wealth... Community wealth is an economic concept focusing on directing benefits and ownership back into the local community. It is also about measuring other outputs from our economy, in addition to traditional  financial measures.
  • ...sitting lightly in its environment... Exmoor is a special place and a national asset, protected for the benefit of the nation - our vision seeks to ensure the economy and environment can both recover and prosper in harmony.
  • ...creating opportunities from its special qualities. Whilst Exmoor's geography and designation can bring certain challenges, they also bring many unique opportunities which we wish to grow and build upon.

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The Rural Enterprise Exmoor Vision has been developed on behalf of the Exmoor community by a partnership with representation from Devon County Council, Exmoor Hill Farming Network, Exmoor National Park Authority, Federation of Small Businesses, Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, North Devon Council, Somerset Council, Visit Exmoor and West Somerset Business Group.Summary of Rural Enterprise Exmoor Vision