Exmoor Business Toolkits

Rural Enterprise Exmoor business toolkits

Doing business on Exmoor

Download our free interactive toolkits providing practical ideas and information to make the most of the opportunities afforded by the area for your business. Each part of the guide brings together specific help and resources relevant to different businesses as follows:

  • Working in Exmoor National Park

    Part 1 - Working on Exmoor

    A complete guide to understanding the National Park, the opportunities available and how you can utilise Exmoor to benefit your business.

    What the National Park is and why it is special
    How it is managed and who's who on Exmoor
    The key opportunities for Exmoor businesses
  • Good Tourism on Exmoor

    Part 2 - Good Tourism on Exmoor

    For those within the visitor economy, unpacking the bigger picture of tourism on Exmoor.

    The opportunity tourism provides on Exmoor and how it is managed
    The key opportunities for tourism businesses on Exmoor
    Ideas and inspiration to further embed Exmoor into your offer.
  • Sustainable Business on Exmoor

    Part 3 - Sustainable Business on Exmoor

    A guide for businesses of any sector exploring 'good' business practices around environmental economies, communtiy wealth building and sustainability on Exmoor. Helping you to understand the steps you can take as a business.

    What we mean by sustainability and why it matters
    Our vision - What Exmoor is trying to achieve
    Specific actions businesses on Exmoor can take.