Planning Advice

Pre-Application Advice

If you wish for an officer to give you advice on the likelihood of your development proposals being acceptable, then the easiest way to get advice is to submit your draft proposals in to Exmoor House by post or e-mail them to and officers are happy to then meet in the office or on site as appropriate. Other officers of the National Park Authority, for instance, tree and archaeology officers, can also be contacted with draft proposals that cover their areas of expertise so that they can advise as to whether further information is needed. Planning Officers can also put you in touch with the appropriate Highway Engineers or Environment Agency officers as appropriate to your proposals so that you can have a direct dialogue as needed. If there are queries regarding the level of information that is required with your submission then please contact the Development Control Section of the National Park Authority.

Submitting Applications

We encourage you to submit your application electronically via the national Planning Portal. The Portal assists by providing a structured way to complete the forms, checks the planning fee and allows the completed process to be completed on line (or partially on line if your prefer). The Planning Portal also provides a range of planning and Building Control guidance. The Portal can be accessed here.

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Planning Permission - do I need it?

Information to help you decide if you need to make an application or not.

Section 106 Agreements

Planning Obligations (also known as s106 agreements – of the 1990 Town & Country Planning Act) are legal agreements between a planning authority and a developer.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties and other developments.

Affordable Housing

The National Park Authority is committed to working with both communities and individuals to try to meet the local affordable housing needs of Exmoor.

Self-Build housing on Exmoor

In October 2014, Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks were given the opportunity to lead the way on self-build housing opportunities after being given the green light to proceed as a ‘Right to Build’ Vanguard until 31 March 2015

Listed Buildings

Most people are aware whether or not they live in a listed building, but if there is any doubt it is worth checking before any work or repairs are carried out.

Conservation Areas

Exmoor National Park has 16 Conservation Areas. These are areas designated for their 'special architectural and historic interest.'

Domestic solar pv

All you need to know before thinking about installing domestic solar pv.

Other sources of Planning Advice

Planning Aid England (PAE) provides  free planning advice and support to help individuals and communities engage with the planning system and get involved in planning their local area. This is primarily provided through a website that provides information on all aspects of the planning system and an email advice service offering a limited amount of free, general planning advice. Further information is available via their website