Dominic Elson

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Dominic Elson


I balance my time between managing our organic upland sheep farm and working oninternational development projects. After 12 years living and working in Southeast Asia, my wife and I chose Exmoor to settle back in the UK. I’m still not sure how the sheep farming started, but it is now my main interest. We are trying to build a small business specialising in slow-grown, pasture-fed rare and native breed sheep, selling high quality meat direct to customers.

My professional experience is mainly in tropical forestry, rural economics, eco-tourism and fisheries policy. I have been involved in conservation projects around the world, and I am the author of a book and several reports on various aspects of the economics of conservation and climate change.

My hobbies involve repairing things with bailing twine, training sheep to be effective colleagues on the farm, trying to grow food and just spending time in awe of nature, about which I am still learning a bit more every day.