What is it all about?

WeAreExmoor LogoThis social media campaign celebrates in the accomplishments of a range of businesses across Exmoor, profiling the people behind the business and the links to the local area.. It has been hugely successful in facilitating local business to business support and an increased customer base.

You are invited to join with others and use the #WeAreExmoor hashtag to further celebrate enterprise on Exmoor and your links to this area.

So far it  has provided a unique insight into the vast range of local businesses and introduced the people who own it/run it, their stories, the benefits to the Exmoor community and the National Park as a whole that come from buying local.

We want to encourage people to think about the vast benefits of using local businesses. Not just potential customers but business to business engagement, links and support.

The aim is to celebrate Enterprise on Exmoor and the links that businesses have with this special place.

Who can take part?

Any Exmoor, Greater Exmoor based businesses or businesses that have strong links back to Exmoor can take part. We want to hear from all businesses across all sectors.

Join in the conversation!

We would encourage you to continue to engage with @RuralEntExmoor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and to use the #WeAreExmoor hashtag in posts to build on our campaign celebrating enterprise on Exmoor.

Let us give a little back, allow us to help you promote your business and shout about your successes and links to Exmoor as much as we can. Let’s unite and celebrate businesses across Exmoor.

Take a look as some of the testimonials of those involved to date:

"Your promotion of local businesses is important but most importantly it is showing both locals and visitors alike the wealth of talent which exists within the Exmoor area. At the same time, it is promoting the wild beauty and diversity which exists in and around Exmoor" - Wivey Weaver

"REE has provided more interaction. Its shown me so many other local businesses I didn't know were out there and will definitely be looking to spend more locally. REE has helped me support other businesses too by liking, commenting and sharing their posts. Until now, I didn't realise how important this was" - Unique Clouds

"The exposure and service that you have given us has allowed us to connect with other local businesses who now supply us. Add followers but also feel supported and made us aware of the branding we can use to help grow our business. We are really impressed with the support and love the community support. Its also great to see other businesses we admire being promoted" - Primrose Cottage

"REE has opened the door to a much wider audience for my small business. The exposure given has resulted in a surge of interest in my fudge" - Exmoor Fudge Kitchen

The Exmoor Brand

Businesses operating within and around the National Park can also make use of the Exmoor brand, to flag up their association with the area within their premises, marketing and products. Find out more about utilising the Exmoor Brand.