Exmoor Day

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The 19th October is Exmoor Day - a day to celebrate all that Exmoor National Park offers to the world. Exmoor National Park boasts inspiring landscapes, thriving communities, wonderful wildlife, enterprising businesses, and a rich cultural heritage.

Why the 19th October?

Exmoor National Park came into being on 19th October 1954 when the Designation Order made by the National Parks Commission was confirmed by the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Harold Macmillan, making Exmoor the 8th National Park in the UK.

Why is Exmoor so special?

Home to just under 10,000 residents Exmoor is one of the finest landscapes in the country. The National Park attracts in excess of 2m visitor days a year and is home to well over 1,000 local businesses. Ancient woodlands and heather clad moorlands provide important habitats for all kinds of creatures great and small including the iconic free living Exmoor Ponies and the largest herds of Red deer in the country. At night Exmoor comes alive under some of the darkest skies in the country offering unrivalled opportunities to see thousands of stars above.

What will be happening on Exmoor Day?

Keep your eyes on our social media channels @ExmoorNP on X (Twitter) / Facebook / Instagram and follow the #ExmoorDay hashtag to see what others are saying.

We'll be filling our social media channels with lots of Exmoor focused content that day, shining a light on one of the UK's finest landscapes.

For 2024 it will be a big celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Park! #Exmoor70

How can you get involved?

  • Please share your photos, memories and experiences of Exmoor using the #ExmoorDay hashtag.
  • Local business will be holding special promotions - see social media. Search #ExmoorDay

If have any enquiries about Exmoor or Exmoor Day please send them to ruralenterprise@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk