Day Visits

Our Education Team is here to help you get the best out of a visit to Exmoor. From reception class to degree level , a half day to a week long residential we can help you plan your trip and provide support, knowledge and teaching while you are here.  We have experience working with young people  from a wide range of different backgrounds and abilities and are always happy to work with you to ensure that your visit delivers the outcomes you and your students need.

The table below shows some examples of what we can offer, we are always happy to discuss how we can tailor a day to your needs. Just get in touch.

Residential  visits

As well as day visits we can offer unique and inspiring residential visitsat our Pinkery Centre for Outdoor learning. With capacity for up to 40 children, Pinkery has been providing amazing experiences for young people for generations.  We will help you put together a programme of activities and leaning that will be the highlight of the school year.  Visit the Pinkery Page to finds out more and make an enquiry.

How much does a day visit cost?

Our standard charge is £4.50 per child with a minimum charge of £200 / day for one of the team to support your visit. If your school or group's circumstances are such that even these charges may be difficult , then please get in touch for a chat.

ExampleMore infoKey stage
Discover Exmoor DayAn introduction to our National Park - Find out what National Parks are, and what makes Exmoor National Park special . Chose from a variety of sites and resources to achieve the learning outcomes you need. Talk to the team and we can put together an exciting package.KS1/KS2/KS3
Lynmouth seashore explorersA mission of discovery to the beautiful seashore ecosystem at Lynmouth. Find out how animals and plants are adapted to live in between the tides. Using the pavilion at Lynmouth as a  base , there will be the opportunity to use the amazing video microscope to bring even the smallest creatures to full widescreen detail.KS1/KS2/KS3
Medieval DunsterDunster is perhaps the best preserved medieval settlement in England.   Meet us at our National Park Centre before setting off to explore Dunster and the surrounding countryside. Discuss how settlements develop and contrast Dunster to your own environment.KS1/KS2?KS3
History of TourismDiscover how Poets and Napoleon played a role in the development of modern tourism . Using a range of sites including Heddon's Mouth, Lynton and Lynmouth and Minehead. Supported by a bespoke range of teaching resources.KS2/KS3
The River Lyn EnquiryThe River Lyn can be explored from its source high on Exmoor to where it meets the sea at Lynmouth. Explore different aspects of this catchment from physical geography to ecosystem services and climate changeGCSE / A level / Degree.
Porlock Marsh - a study of Coastal ChangeOne of the most interesting examples of coastal change in the UK. Porlock Marsh has undergone significant change as its protective shingle ridge was breached by the sea and what was once freshwater grazing marsh is now an intertidal salt marsh. How was the decision to let this happen made?- what are the impacts and lessons for coastal management in the future?GSSE/ A level Geography.
nature explorers

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