Do I need planning permission?

Much help and general advice is also available at the Planning Portal. It is recommended that you look at the pages “do you need permission?” where the information should be able to answer many of your queries.

The pages can be viewed at 

If the information on the Planning Portal does not answer your enquiry then completing one of the following forms will help us advise you more easily.

To help you answer this question, please fill out one of the following enquiry forms.

Enquiry form for proposals to domestic dwellings, and buildings within the domestic curtilage. 

Enquiry form For Flats, B&B Guesthouses, hotels, farms, (land), shops, pubs and other business uses or community buildings. PDF, 196.04 KB

Other officers of the National Park Authority, such as tree and archaeology officers, can also be contacted with draft proposals that cover their areas of expertise so that they can advise as to whether further information is needed. Planning Officers can also put you in touch with the appropriate Highway Engineers or Environment Agency officers as appropriate to your proposals so that you can have a direct dialogue if that would be helpful.

If there are queries regarding the level of information that is required with your submission then please contact  the National Park Authority planning team.