Standards Committee

1. The Committee shall comprise five Members of the Authority.
2. The membership of the Committee shall consist both of Local Authority Members of the Authority and at least one Member appointed to the Authority by the Secretary of State.


The general functions of the Standards Committee are:
to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Members and Officers
b) to advise the Authority on the adoption and revision of a Code of Conduct pursuant to Section 27(2) Localism Act 2011
c) to assist Members to observe the Code of Conduct
d) to consider and determine complaints against Members under the Code of Conduct
e) to determine the action(s), if any, to be taken where the Committee has determined that a Member has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct.
Without prejudice to the general functions above, the Standards Committee shall have the following specific functions:-
a) to monitor the operation of the Code of Conduct
b) to advise, train and arrange to train Members on matters relating to the Code of Conduct
c) to promote high standards of conduct within the Authority, through observation, advice and training
d) to monitor complaints alleging non compliance with the Code of Conduct
e) to hear and determine allegations of non compliance with the Code of Conduct, as requested by the Solicitor & Monitoring Officer
f) to consider and advise on other matters relating to conduct, ethics and propriety as requested by the Solicitor & Monitoring Officer
g) to consider dispensations other than where so many Members have disclosable pecuniary interests in a matter that it would impede the transaction of business


The quorum of a meeting of the Standards Committee shall be three.

Standards Committee meetings