Planning Application Forms

The National Park Authority encourages the submission of your application electronically via the national Planning Portal. The Portal assists by providing a structured way to complete the forms, checks the planning fee and allows the completed process to be completed on line (or partially on line if your prefer). The Planning Portal also provides a range of planning and Building Control guidance. The Portal can be accessed at

If you do not wish to submit your application online then the planning application forms can be downloaded from the Planning Portal website. Please ensure that the correct form is used.

By which ever method you wish to submit your application please can we reinforce the need to check and submit the details required on the validation checklist and the details needed in the Design and Access Statement.

The National Park Authority has produced a document Requirements for the Submission of Planning and Other Applications and sets out in detail the national and local requirements to help ensure that your application can be registered.

You can view the Exmoor Biodiversity Trigger List here

For some applications it will be appropriate to accompany your planning application with a Planning Performance Agreement. Please see the details coming soon.

The updated table of fees can be found on the Planning Portal where you can download a guide to fees for planning applications in England.