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CareMoor Woods & Trees Appeal

Bye Wood Painting

CareMoor Woods & Trees Appeal

Bye Wood and Kings Wood

In 2021, we embarked on the biggest woodland creation project to have taken place in the National Park in the past 15 years. The project forms part of our commitment to increase tree cover on Exmoor from around 13.5% to at least 17% by 2050 - the amount recommended by the UK government’s independent Climate Change Committee. .

Our ambitious aims for this project are to:
*Be plastic free - using only fully recyclable, reusable, and compostable materials (except when not possible)
*Use only locally sourced wood with no chemical treatments
*Favour sustainable methods using organic and physical methods in preference to chemicals
*Use careful structural planting to support tree growth and resilience to the pressures of a changing climate
*Create community areas to connect people with nature and inspire them to care for it
*Nurture wildlife habitats

100% of donations to this appeal will support tree planting and woodland creation schemes on Exmoor. Donate online here

Donations to CareMoor Woods & Trees Appeal between 2021 and 2023 supported planting of 13,000 trees at Bye Wood near Winsford. The picture above is Bye Wood - an artist's impression painted by Leo Davey. Whilst work at Bye Wood will continue during 2023, our next major planting will take place at Simonsbath where we hope to start planting this coming winter.

The new woodland creation project at Simonsbath has been called  'Kings Wood' in celebration of the coronation of King Charles III. Somerset Deputy Lieutenant & High Sheriff Robert Drewett visited Kings Wood in spring -  Read more about his Kings Wood site visit in the press release here.

The 4.5hectare site Kings Wood will be planted with 6000 trees using predominantly native species such as oak, Scots pine, lime and hazel and others which will be better adapted to possible future climate scenarios. Planting is due to start winter 2023/4. We intend to follow similar principles to Bye Wood using plastic free and locally sourced materials where possible.

Elsewhere around Simonsbath, we will focus on establishing a “framework” of species such as oak which would take many years to establish naturally, as well as pioneer species such as birch and aspen. Plans also include the use of “natural living tree guards” consisting of thorny species such as black-thorn, hawthorn and bramble to protect trees from browsing animals.  The frame trees would be planted as individual “parkland” trees in timber shelters allowing cattle, sheep and deer to continue to graze the landscape. The Authority will be using trees from their own nursery and timber from Exmoor woodlands for the guards, milled in the ENPA water-powered sawmill at the heart of the estate.

Three ways you can help us plant more trees on Exmoor:

1. Donate to the Appeal

Use this link to Donate direct to this appeal online. If you prefer you can donate by other methods-read here.100% of donations to this appeal will support tree planting and woodland creation schemes on Exmoor.

2. Dedicate a Tree

You may like to dedicate a tree to mark a special occasion or in memory of someone special. There are two dedication options both featuring a high quality A5 sized card with the above artist's impression (as above picture) of Bye Wood and a CareMoor Certificate of Dedication:

3.  Volunteering and planting trees

We're planting saplings at Kings Wood, Simonsbath this winter. Fun for all the family, groups welcome too. To sign up email with your name and contact number. You can also join our team of volunteers helping us collect and grow tree seeds on Exmoor or get involved with our new Tree Nursery. Sign up to our woodlands newsletter for details.

Please email for any further details or to discuss a donation to this appeal.