The Golden Horseshoe Endurance Ride 2024

Horse rider
Horse ride

The Golden Horseshoe ride, held annually in Exford, Somerset, in the very heart of the Exmoor National Park, is the UK’s oldest competitive endurance ride.  The first Golden Horseshoe Ride, sponsored by the Telegraph, was organised on Exmoor in 1965 and then in subsequent years at different venues throughout the country, before returning permanently to Exford in 1974.  Over the years the 'Golden Horseshoe' has increased in stature to become one of the ultimate ‘bucket-list’ endurance rides (as listed by Horse and Hound Magazine) and it gives a welcome pre-season boost to inhabitants of the National Park who earn their living from tourism.

‚ÄčHistorically the ride has been the preserve of the top echelon of competitive endurance riding, requiring a very fit horse and an experienced rider to cope with a ride often made more challenging by the weather.  Over the last 10 years, Ride Organisers Barbara Wigley and then more recently Jo and Andrew Chisholm have worked hard to broaden the ride’s appeal, particularly to non-endurance riders and grass-roots endurance riders. This has been done with the introduction of a non-competitive pleasure ride which, in recent years, has been a sell-out and the Exmoor Experience two-day event which gives riders at lower levels the chance to participate and sample “Horseshoe country”.  Shelley and Maggie hope to continue that legacy whilst rebuilding the appeal of the challenge of the top classes to our high level riders and those that want to aspire to achieve the very pinnacle of the sport.

As well as the ultimate in endurance riding, the annual fun dog show has proved to be a big success and will be held once again in 2024.

Spectators are welcome.