Authority Monitoring Reports

Exmoor National Park Authority has produced 15 Authority Monitoring Reports (formerly known as Annual Monitoring Reports) (AMRs). The purpose of the AMR includes the assessment of the Local Plan using indicators to determine the effectiveness of policies. These indicators will help establish whether there is any need for adjustment or replacement of policies.

2019/20-2020/21 AMR PDF 3MB

2017/18-2018/19 AMR PDF 2MB

2016/17 AMR PDF 1.99MB

2015/16 AMR PDF 1.93MB

2014/15 AMR PDF 2.7MB

2013/14 AMR PDF 4.51MB

2012/13 AMR PDF 2.74MB

2011/12 AMR PDF 2.68MB

2010/11 AMR PDF 2.67MB

2009/10 AMR PDF 2.99MB

2008/09 AMR PDF 5.6MB

2007/08 AMR  PDF 1.51MB

2006/07 AMR PDF 2.6MB

2005/06 AMR PDF 3.2MB

2004/05 AMR PDF 275KB

Local Indicators:

The Local Plan 2001-2011 was the development plan for the National Park until July 2017 and the AMRs to 2016/17 report on the performance of this Plan.

A new Local Plan was adopted in July 2017 and the AMR for 2017-18 - 2018/19 reports on the indicators for the adopted Plan. The indicators, against which the implementation of the policies should be monitored, are set out in section 11 of the plan.

The sustainability appraisal that is produced in conjunction with the new Local Plan also contains significant effects indicators which will also be monitored through the AMR. These should enable the effects of implemented policies to be measured, and whether the results match predicted effects.