Dart Skies

Exmoor National Park is designated an International Dark Sky Reserve -  the first in Europe! 

Exmoor National Park is home to some of the darkest skies in the country so it's a great place to gaze at the stars.

For thousands of years, humans have looked up at the night sky and wondered at what they saw. This wonder helped to define our sense of who we are, our myths and legends, our religious beliefs and our sense of our place in a wider cosmos.  But the dark skies that were the night time backdrop for the vast majority of human history are for many of us know a rare site. Our night times are filled with the orange glow of street lighting and we are all more likely to be looking at a television that looking at the start. So why not take the time on Exmoor to look up and rediscover your sense of wonder? Good spots are Holdstone Hill, County Gate, Brendon Two Gates, Webbers Post, Anstey Gate, Haddon Hill and Wimbleball Lake.On a clear night the night sky of Exmoor is simply stunning when many astronomical sights can be seen through the naked eye and even more can be discovered through a telescope or binoculars.

To help you get the most from Exmoor's dark skies we have produced a new Dark Skies Pocket Guide   -  download it  here or pick up a copy from one of our National Park Centres  where you can also hire a telescope !

Dark Sky Places Annual Report

This report sets out what has been happening on Exmoor over the last year (October 2014 to October 2015)  to celebrate and protect its status as an International Dark Sky Reserve.

'In Starlight' is a short film made by Somerset based artist Frances Harrison inspired by Exmoor's Dark Skies.

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