Current Appeals

When donating to CareMoor you can choose how your gift is used. You can make a general donation and we will use it wherever the need is most. You can donate towards either Conservation or Access work. Or you can donate direct to a specific appeal detailed below.

  • Great Bradley Appeal

    Help us bridge the gap with a new crossing over the River Barle, providing access and nature benefits.
  • Sowing the Seeds

    Help us create, restore and maintain wildflower meadows - perfect habitats for bumble bees and butterflies.
  • Woods & Trees

    Our Woods & Trees Appeal is helping plant new woodlands across Exmoor as we respond to the climate nature crises.
  • Historic Signposts Appeal

    Help us restore and conserve the iconic historic signposts seen across Exmoor.
  • Exmoor Next Generations

    Help ensure young people from all backgrounds have the chance of an amazing educational visit to Exmoor National Park.
  • Protect our Park

    The National Park receives £1 million less funding than in 2010 and has to make a further £500,000 worth of cuts by 2025.

Keeping Exmoor Special

The National Park is free to access but you can help us to keep it special by making a donation towards CareMoor for Exmoor. It costs around £5M per year to keep Exmoor free to explore and experience. Your donation will help keep Exmoor special for future generations by supporting our conservation and access work to look after the landscapes, habitats, footpaths and heritage of Exmoor.


Exmoor hosts over 800 miles of local paths and over 3000 path signs. Donations to CareMoor for Exmoor help keep this network open and accessible to all. A single footpath sign can cost £200 to make and install. Repairing and re-grading a bridleway can cost £10 per metre. Replacing one 5 foot gate costs £250 and we replace up to 148 gates and stiles every year. Help us look after your Rights of Way.


Over 5,000 species of fauna and flora are found within Exmoor's 267 square miles.

  • £600 can restore  habitats for Exmoor's rare butterflies
  • £500 helps clear an area of invasive species
  • £50 pays for a barn owl nesting box
  • £20 pays for a Dormouse or Bat box.