Dormouse nesting boxes

Nature conservation supported by CareMoor continues to build on the very successful dormice project work , initially funded in 2016.We have been able to extend dormouse monitoring across Exmoor and footprint traps are being used to investigate for the presence of dormice in parts of the National Park where they haven’t previously been identified

Exmoor National Park’s CareMoor for Exmoor Winter Appeal to raise funds for dormouse boxes and monitoring has been a great success with more than £4,000 being raised.

The figure raised exceeded our expectations and we’d really like to thank everyone who donated to the Winter Appeal which has raised so much for dormouse conservation on Exmoor. It’s been a very successful campaign and we are extremely grateful for the many generous donations.

Funds received are a great boost for the dormouse on Exmoor and will hopefully go a long way to ensuring the species thrives within the National Park.

Dormouse in hand