Porlock Boardwalk


Porlock Marsh offers one of the few areas of level walking near to Porlock, but since the incursion of the sea 18 years ago it had become increasingly difficult to access.

After consultations with partners, it was agreed that the most appropriate way to improve access would be to build a boardwalk.

The 126-metre structure was built by a local contractor and is designed to be accessible to people who find rough ground difficult to walk on, it can also be used by a Tramper mobility scooter.

The curved design was chosen to both follow the route of the footpath and also to look more appropriate in this special environment. It has been built as low as possible to minimise its visual impact and the structure is quite unusual in that it is submerged during spring high tides by up to 2 metres. The work was largely funded from donations to CareMoor.