Landscape Sensitivity Study

This study was completed in 2013 and builds on the Exmoor National Park Landscape Character Assessment 2007 to assess the sensitivity of the landscape within and adjoining the 22 named settlements in the adopted Local Plan (2001 – 2011) and Porlock Weir (undertaken in 2015). Part of the evidence needed for the Local Plan is an assessment of the landscape sensitivity of settlements that informs their capacity to accommodate small-scale development (specifically housing) on greenfield sites within or adjoining the existing town, while conserving and enhancing the National Park's nationally important landscape. The field assessment for this study was carried out during the summer of 2011.


The areas of landscape sensitivity shown on the settlement maps are intended to inform the capacity of the settlement to accommodate new development in landscape terms. This landscape study does not indicate sites for development, as other material considerations will need to be evaluated as and when development proposals come forward, including flood risk, impacts on heritage assets, biodiversity, and highway implications. Furthermore the study does not include the capacity for development on existing brownfield sites including conversions, change of use and redevelopment, even though such opportunities are encouraged.

The document is too large to download in full - instead it is split into sections pertaining to individual settlements:

Introduction and MethodologyPDF 2.8MB
AllerfordPDF 1.5MB
BarbrookPDF 1.2MB
BrendonPDF 1.3MB
Bridgetown & ExtonPDF 1.2MB
Brompton RegisPDF 1.2MB
ChallacombePDF 1.2MB
Cutcombe & Wheddon CrossPDF 1.1MB
DulvertonPDF 1.2MB
DunsterPDF 1.5MB
ExfordPDF 1.2MB
LuccombePDF 1.3MB
LuxboroughPDF 1.5MB
Lynton & LynmouthPDF 1.4MB
MonksilverPDF 1.1MB
ParracombePDF 1.1MB
PorlockPDF 1.5MB
Porlock WeirPDF 1.7MB
RoadwaterPDF 1.1MB
SimonsbathPDF 1.3MB
TimberscombePDF 1.4MB
WinsfordPDF 1.8MB
WithypoolPDF 1.3MB
Wootton CourtenayPDF 1.3MB