CareMoor Park Partners

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Making the most of your visit.

Exmoor is an amazing place, with a different World-class view around every footpath corner  What will your adventure be?
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What's Special

Why is Exmoor a National Park?

A unique landscape of moorland, woodland, valleys and farmland, shaped by people and nature over thousands of years.
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Get Involved

Exmoor, be a part of it.

From submitting wildlife records to longer term voluntary opportunities - there are lots of ways that you can get involved in Exmoor.
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Living and Working

Information for the Exmoor Community.

Whether you're a farmer, land manager, tourist provider, or local resident, Useful info on grants, advice and support.
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Advice, policy and application search.

Find a planning application, get advice and information or find out about developing policy in our planning section.
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Learning Zone

Resources for teachers and students.

Find out what makes Exmoor one of the best places in The UK for outdoor learning and explore our online resources..
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