Out and About Essentials

We ask that all members of the public follow the Countryside Code  when  out and about on Exmoor.

If you come across an issue on the access network please log via at Explore Somerset (which covers all of the National Park) or email us at or call 01398 323665.


Rights of Way

Public rights of way are paths along which the public has a legal right to pass and repass.

Horner Woods

Path News

All the latest news on path works, closures and recent openings.

Sunrise at Larkbarrow

Access Land

Specific areas of land that are designated as 'Access Land' give people a right of access on foot for open air recreation.

Broken sign

Report a Problem

Reports from members of the public about faults on public rights of way can be very helpful. Find out how to get in touch with us.

walker pointing

Map Reading

To help you explore Exmoor with confidence, Ordnance Survey have filmed videos on Exmoor.

Interactive Access Map

Access and Recreation Map

Discover all of our Public Rights of Way and Permissive Paths on Exmoor, and find somewhere new to explore!

Dog at Tarr Steps


Users of a public rights of way are legally obliged to keep dogs under 'close control' but not necessarily on a lead.

Tick - Ixodes ricinus

Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

It pays to be aware of the possibility of tick bites and their effects. This tells you all you need to know.

Dog Walkers

Countryside Code

Always use the Countryside Code when exploring Exmoor, being respectful of access is very important.